Consultancy & Estate Management

What Can Doug Bring To Your Business?

Contract Farming

Doug has over 20 years experience of setting up and running farm management systems for numerous businesses. His past involvement with co-operative farms can bring instant access to systems, financial and operational management, labour and modern machinery to cope with any business large or small.

Estate Management

Doug has been a factor on a local borders estate for some years and has experience in managing tenants and everyday management that a larger estate requires on a regular basis.

Anyone wanting advise on managing estates Doug is here to help.


As can be seen from Doug’s biography, he has owned and run his own family farm for over 40 years, and successfully introduced the farm contract business MAMCO in 1985, now called Farmcare Trading Ltd, part of the Welcome Foundation, where Doug previously acted as a consultant. His wealth of knowledge in the cereal industry is second to none following 10 years service on several Home Grown Cereal Authority (HGCA) committees. For many years, Doug has been at the cutting edge of national HGCA-funded trials work at Whitsome Hill farm with the Scottish Agricultural College.

More and more these days, politics plays a bigger role in the way that agriculture, and hence your business, is run. Doug keep abreast of developments with regard to Scottish Land Reform and CAP.

Being the first LEAF farmer in Scotland, Doug has been pioneering environmental awareness through LEAF’s Integrated Crop Management programme and GPS technology. His involvement with Scottish National Heritage on their Rural Environment Group stands him in good stead to keep abreast of current and future standards.

Doug’s membership of the Guild of Agricultural Journalists ensures that he is up to date with current farming legislation and technology. He writes a weekly article for The Scottish Farmer concentrating on the world cereals, oil seeds and potato markets.

If you’re contemplating farming in the new enlarged European Union, Doug’s many years of first hand experience farm management in the Czech Republic and Russia will prove invaluable.